Integrated ART

Can I teach my kid to read_ Yes, and with art, poetry, song, and silliness to teach literacy gr.K-3, it can be loads of fun. Let's look at dozens of art projects to inspire and build reading and writing skills.

I am starting this blog, literally in my last months of working full time.  Working full time, teen-age daughter, housework, pets… not a lot of extra time, and SO MUCH to learn, so this blog is being built rather slowly, but with so much love and excitement!

But I am exceedingly pleased and blessed that as I prepare to post about the ART PROJECTS that I love to see children do, and to share how the ART can be used to teach reading and writing, I can today ANNOUNCE that God has provided the perfect opportunity for me:

My grand-daughter will spend much of JUNE with me and I plan to TEACH HER TO READ, and will share photos and instructions!!!  One place that I will also share this journey is in a closed facebook group, so if YOU want to learn how to help a special learner grow into an amazing reader and writer, subscribe by e-mail, and I encourage you also to leave me a message at my page linked below, if you would like to be added to the group, so see what fun we have and the progress we make >>


You may private message questions to me at SmARTsy Reading Teacher linked below

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